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September 1, 2006

Champagne Lifestyle By The Energy

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The EnergyAn EP from Warrington’s The Energy that seems to have it’s heart in nearby Manchester. Some influence from the Baggy/Oasis camp here which is no bad thing (even if that isn’t exactly my taste). There’s clear vocals, lots of guitar, and a dynamic rhythmic pace in all of the songs.

The particular highlight for me is the song I Love Your Shoes which gives the EP its title and at first appears lyrically to deal with attitudes to Muslims but the chorus is “She said boy, I love your shoes so I said, I Baby I love them too”. It is a simple yet cutting satire of how shallow people can be – nice shoes in the picture by the way. But this description is like re-telling a joke with no sense of timing so just go and listen to it on their MySpace page below.

The Energy

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