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September 2, 2006

Necessary Evils… by Mach Schau

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photo by Chris Carr
Three track EP from Southampton punksters Mach Schau that would sit very nicely with a number of Leeds bands’ output such as This Et Al. They have a breathless, urgent feel of a band who have a lot to say and the guitar artillery to say it loud. It is accomplished alt-rock in a way that only a regularly gigging band can produce. A measure of what they can do is shown by the track Vicious Circles – tight interplay between brums, bass, and guitar with changes in pace and patterns. They can play a bit. When they turn up the velocity on The Score Draw and Number 28 then it takes me back to excitement of my youth and bands like Gang Of Four and The Au Pairs were redefining guitar rock.

Mach Schau

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