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September 5, 2006

MySpace Private Profiles Are Not Private

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Looks like it is now fixed (November 2006)
Unlike the recent story on The Register, this is a genuine problem with MySpace profiles set to private. This option of privacy used to available to young teens but has recently become possible for any user to set their profiles to Private. The problem is that this privacy protection is flawed. Let’s see what I can find out in an hour of browsing:

(public)14 year old female from New Jersey set to Private Profile.

I know she was 16 on January 7th.

(public). 70 old woman from New Jersey – but not that age from the photo

I know she went to see Godsmack/Rob Zombie on the 4th September and her 8th Grade Dance was in June.

(public)Amanda – 38 years old but obviously much younger from the photo.

I know she was 14 on the 6th August and is friends with Madison and Lindsay.

(public) 32 year old female from Placentia, California.

I know her daughter is just about to enter 7th grade. She took a survey that said she had a sexual IQ of 120. To quote “When it comes to sex, you are a super genius”.

These details are available to any blog search engine including Google Blog Search. Most Blog Search Engines read the RSS feed from blogs. MySpace publishes blog post summaries (the first 200 characters of any post) for anyone to see – irrespective of the Privacy settings.

All you have to do to see the first 200 character of any blog entry is add the FriendID to this url: