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September 15, 2006

Old Crow Medicine Show Busking

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If only all buskers were like this. This is the song “Down Home Girl”.

Big Iron World by Old Crow Medicine Show

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Old Crow Medicine Show - Big Iron WorldFairly obvious that I’m not from America. What this means is I don’t really know what Bluegrass is. But I guessed that Old Crow Medicine Show were Bluegrass and it seems to be confirmed by the self-description on MySpace. Easier for me to say they are American Roots. And yes, they are from Nashville and they do have a fiddle player and banjos.

So here I am an Indie guitar boy, yet again being faced with this Country/Folk music. But no worries, all that listening to American music from Alice Cooper, Stooges, Sonic Youth left me with an unsatisfied itch and I had already scratched it with a foray into Alt-Country. This album isn’t Alt anything – it is just great honest music

There are moments when it just gets too traditional for me – Virginia Creeper, for example. But the early tracks (up to the sublimely sad James River Blues) are something special. This is Emotional Twang.

Outside of the USA, Country music has been regarded as the poor cousin of musical styles (all those sequins and hair arrangements). But when you hear the real Roots (similar to listening to Roots Reggae) then you don’t just hear the passion, you feel it. Old Crow Medicine Show are the real thing.

Old Crow Medicine Show