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September 16, 2006

From The Shards Of Comets

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From The Shards Of Comets!
I was sorting through the various piles of paper that serve as carpet protection in my room. I came across a CDR that I know I have listened to more than once but must have mislaid it. The one thing that I normally do on Cool Noise differently from other sites is listen over a prolonged time to the music I get sent. So I had better get the listens in now.

From The Shards Of Comets make beautiful, instrumental post-rock music full of atmosphere, layers of subtlety, and power as well. This is not the (predictable) build up to crescendo of God Speed You Black Emperor but is closer to Mogwai’s Happy Songs period.

Postcards To Nowhere is a glorious guitar overloaded piece with a slightly distracting sample of someone talking about a moon shot. Less Magic More Mechanics starts with maudlin piano notes before a meandering guitar and bass drum contribute. As the whole band join in, the psychedelic guitar begins to soar over the top. Belying the title, this is magic over mechanics. The sort of music that can dim the lights and slow your heartbeat.

From The Shards Of Comets!

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