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October 12, 2006

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I’m a bit down today. Work hasn’t gone well – feels like everything I’ve done in the last three months has been a waste of time. This is the first time since I joined my current company that I have thought I might not spend the rest of my working life there.

It took two hours to get home tonight. Roads were blocked due to floods and then alternative routes were blocked due to too much traffic and then driving through a town was chaos due to new efforts to discourage traffic (and they wonder why people shop out of town).

And then I realise that I haven’t done reviews of my two favourite CDs of the last three months. I keep on listening and enjoying them to excess but I just don’t get any words to describe them.

It will all end like this. The loss of inspiration to review any more music. At some point I will not want to spend every evening sitting at a computer writing a sentence or two while listening to new music. Maybe I will just veg out in front of re-runs of Friends on the television. Obviously I wouldn’t go so far as to get a life.

Tomorrow I’m off to see a gig. And this weekend I am going drinking back in my spiritual (and former actual) home. I’m taking Phideaux’s latest album with me. I guess that means there’s still hope for A Cool Noise.

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