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October 19, 2006

Life, Death, and the Absurdity of Being by Num

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Life, Death, and the Absurdity of BeingIf there was ever someone that epitomised my “Drowning In A Well Of Sadness” then it is Num. In that series I found twelve of the saddest songs or albums ever played. So Num is Number Thirteen and that should be unlucky. Except that, in my world, bad luck, unhappiness, and pain can all be turned into an experience that leads to great music.

Num is the work of Tony MacGregor up there in cold and windy Edinburgh. He makes no allowance for people who want to hear a happy ditty to brighten up their day. Instead he explores the world of feelings of disappointment and disillusionment in a way that can enrich your life. I don’t deny the cadences of the vocals are always downbeat (I wouldn’t want to deny it) but there is so much melodic strength in his voice and songwriting that he creates an intense and satisfying sound, He supports himself with a sometimes surprisingly jaunty instrumentation and lush texture of sound. This is music of an intensity and honesty that even old-style hippies would be taken aback by it. Sharpened sadness wrapped in velvet.

Sure, love hurts, but that pain is also a necessity to make you into an empathetic and whole human being. Num helps you to get there.

Num on MySpace

You can also download a free album called Lamb from the Num website – consisting of eight tracks recorded in one take. The same depth and atmosphere is still there in that recording. Beautiful songs.

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  1. Tony is fantastic. He is like therapy without drugs and without spending thousands of dollars. I love Tony. I wish he would marry me…wait, maybe not, cause then those songs would be about me. *eek*

    Comment by priscilla — March 31, 2007 @ 7:16 am

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