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October 22, 2006


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I have always had a thing about violins (and can I include violas in that as well, please). The violin was the first instrument I wanted to learn how to play even though circumstances led me to the guitar years later. In the early 70s ‘Strings’ were associated with old-fashioned 60s pop. But the example of Darryl Way of Curved Air showed how solo violin could integrate with a Rock band and add a romaticism that took a song to new heights. And at the same time my head became hard-wired to the sonic possibilities of Rock music by listening to John Cale on Viola. Black Angel’s Death Song and Venus In Furs from The Velvet Underground’s first album remain as seminal pieces of music that I hear echoes in so many bands I have loved such as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

So I have been captured by String Driven Thing, King Of The Slums, Van Der Graaf’s second incarnation, King Crimson’s Lark Tongues In Aspic, and Berio’s Sequenza VI for Viola. Those references are pretty much in the past, but I always keep an ear out for anything violin/viola related. Now I find myself with a three CDs from bands that feature a violin and I am in my element. Reviews will follow in the next few days.

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