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October 23, 2006

The EP by A Genuine Freakshow

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I get this feeling of familiarity with A Genuine Freakshow’s music. It’s almost as if they could have been around in the 70s. It’s not that they are old-fashioned but because they sometimes work from what sounds to me like a basis of the electrification of folk music, this takes me back to when this was first done. There is much more to their music, but a couple of times I found myself thinking that I could be listening to a String Driven Thing album track (by the way, that is a good thing in my book). It’s quite possible they have heard little electric folk music and arrived at their stance from quietening Indie down. However they got here, they are fresh and enthusiastic with the glow of enjoying making music.

They are proud possessors of a two piece string section (cello and violin) that emphasises the emotional content of the songs and also provides some dissonance (remember, The Devil plays a fiddle). The EP starts with The Horrible Truth and the languid, bowed notes it introduces soon give way to a bit of a guitar/strings blow out. Everything stops as the vocals come in, a brief and intense interlude before they return to the dynamics. The other tracks on the EP don’t quite match the brilliance of that one but there is atmosphere and a good use of instrumentation. And then they produce the last track I Left My Blood On Your Bathroom Floor that is perhaps the most complete of the quieter, emotional songs. Maudlin strings with an intense tale of lost love. The last 2 minutes are a masterpiece of mental turmoil with all the instruments combining to create the unease you must surely feel. It’s at this point you need to slap me a few times to bring me out of the trance A Genuine Freakshow can create and, being the person I am now, I get down on my knees and clean the blood up.

A Genuine Freak Show


  1. bollocks

    Comment by anon — October 24, 2006 @ 12:04 am

  2. True, Anon of the Swallowfield area of Reading. I wouldn’t wipe up the blood. How well you must know me.

    Comment by Cool Noise — October 24, 2006 @ 10:32 am

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