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October 27, 2006

A Night Off

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No reviewing tonight. Much too much going on in my life to think about music. I need to think about other things and try and reduce tension enough so that I can sleep ready for a busy day. Been pretty much the same for the last few nights. Just thought I’d note what I turn to, to relax me.

It’s at times like these I turn to music that comforts me. Strangely enough I have been listening over the past nights to a recent submission Let’s Start A Fight by Death In Public. You can probably imagine from the title that this isn’t really a ‘relaxing’ record but I am finding it pretty special and it feels a bit like an old friend already. I did some listening to The Resonance Association last night but I’m sure Daniel will be quite pleased if I say that I found it a bit too dark for my current mood.

I first heard Carina Round a few years ago when a promo company sent me her album The Disconnection. It’s an album with some brilliant tracks. Think Patti Smith/PJ Harvey. The track Lacuna is one of my favourite songs ever. I don’t relate to the story of the lyrics with lines like “There is a lot to be said for this morbid self attention, the problem lies in this external obsession” since I have barely any awareness of the external. Spot the man who did Psychology A Level and had the most extreme Introversion score on the Eysenck Personality Test. But I just love the coolness of the song and the lyrical conceits used. Of course, there are bound to be lines I can relate to (with a chuckle) like “You’re just looking for an excuse to call yourself a Fuck Up”.

I often turn to Josh Ritter and the song Wings. It is just the most romantic Americana taking the context of the days of building railroads. If you love The Partisan then you love this song as well. But in this story telling of the blasting of rocks he elevates everything by ‘underneath their jackets she saw wings’. Such flights of romantic fantasy delivered in the seriousness of an historical tale. A little bit of magic. I have also picked out a few Richard Buckner albums but finding songs that draw me in is more difficult than I imagined. I’m after a quick fix so I turn to Jim White and 10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road – a man who writes and plays some great songs. I just wish I could find his Christmas song (mentioned in Drowning In A Well Of Sadness) but I’m sure that would finish me off.

What have I found out today? I’ve found that I return to Alt-Country when I need to. it’s not my first love but it has become very important in my personal psyche. But in the end (or should I say “In The End”), I finish off the night with Peter Hammill. I would never play this to anyone, never try to explain why it has value. You have either been there or you haven’t. I was surprised to meet some young Prog fans at the Van Der Graaf concert in Manchester last year. It seems the Secret Cabal is not so secret after all.

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  1. “I found it a bit too dark for my current mood”

    yeah, we’re eeeevil 😀

    Comment by Daniel — November 3, 2006 @ 10:37 am

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