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November 1, 2006

Nails by Seven Years On

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Now the ashes of Latitude Blue have settled, three of the members of the band are back in a new band: Seven Years On. I’ve been listening to their three track Promo for a few weeks and it is a demonstration of just how simple Rock music is. All you have to do is write a few words that vaguely rhyme, strum a few chords on a guitar, have someone play twiddly bits over the top , and two mates to play a bit of bass and drums. It is something even I did a passable imitation of in the past.

But I am still left confused. As Radiohead said, before they became totally pretentious, “anyone can play guitar”. But how do you write a song that sounds like you really mean it? How do you learn to sing in a voice that could substitute for emery cloth? How do you get your mates on bass and drums to be a rhythm unit that can make your music surge out of the speakers? How do you know that adding a little feedback on the intro to a track (Nails) will make the listener tense in anticipation and that a short guitar motif will resolve all of that tension? How can you lift somebodies spirits with just a percussive guitar riff? And then the biggest mystery is how you can reach someone’s heart (Crumbs) – not by reminding them of some specific fucked-up romance but by allowing them to feel the same sense of open-ended sadness that they may have once felt, but instead reminding them or other good times they had, like when they were out with their families, or or went to a saloon to get a nail treatment from the name), and making people know everyone can be happy at those times.

Maybe Seven Years On will tell me the secret. But I really don’t want to know because it might just ruin the enjoyment I get while listening to them. I don’t want to claim that this band from Swindon are going to be the next My Chemical Romance (thank God). It’s just that two out the three songs on this promo CD touch me in the same way that the band’s previous incarnation touched me.

Seven Years On have all three tracks available for listening and download on their MySpace site (linked below) and will be gigging this month:

Thursday 2nd Nov – The Victoria, Swindon (free entry)
Friday 3rd Nov – The 12Bar, Swindon (with Belarus)
Saturday 25th Nov – The Furnace, Swindon (with Liddington)

Seven Years On

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  1. I agree. Nails is playable over and over again. Partly because of its energy and partly because it is stripped down rock played very well but keeping a raw edge. It is just as good live as it is on CD (and vice versa 🙂

    Comment by Myles — November 2, 2006 @ 9:48 am

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