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November 8, 2006

Why I Hate…Pink Floyd

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I don’t want this to be a piece in praise of Syd Barrett, but I have to say that Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is one of the most startling albums of a startling decade. But Syd didn’t last, and he handed on the Psychedelic baton to his former colleagues. What did they do with it?

I did own copies of Atom Heart Mother, Obscured By Clouds, Meddle, and Ummagumma in the distant past and they were quite good. Not particularly inspired but good explorations of sound and mood. I was happy to think of Pink Floyd as still an serious ‘underground’ band.

But then it all went terribly wrong. Even though Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the most popular albums ever made and loved by millions I just find it leaden in the extreme. In part this can be explained by my over-exposure to the album (even though physical restraint has been involved in keeping me within listening distance). The same lack of dynamics and stodginess infects everything they have done since.

It’s as if a load of mechanics have been left in charge of the workshop. They can construct a well-built vehicle but just lack that spark of originality that can turn a Vauxhall Vectra into a Ferrari. They are fine craftsmen of sound, but they know nothing of the Pixie dust that can be scattered in music to make it surprising and original. For me, they are just plain dull.