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November 25, 2006

Nineteen by ¡Forward Russia!

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In my head I class ¡Forward Russia! as a loud alternative Rock band who hurtle along spewing out noise and tension. Not that that isn’t enough for me, but listening to this single nineteen I realise that they have a wider range than I had attributed to them previously. The synthesiser notes that pervade the song and the slower than usual pace actually reminds me of The Associates updated to modern days. It’s funny because I am not sure I like the song that much, but I like ¡Forward Russia! even more for hearing it. Everything they do is done with real passion.

It is so confusing to review a release consisting of two different 7″ singles and a CD. But there is a clear winner if you are only going to buy one of them: the CD has the 65daysofstatic remix of eleven as the second track. I rarely see the point of Remixes but this particular one creates something new and exciting out of what is a great track anyway.

Nineteen release details

The video to Nineteen is a lot of fun as well:

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