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December 11, 2006

Project X-Katon by Ensoph

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X-Katon by EnsophI received this album as part of a mass submission of Italian Hardcore/Prog. I had hoped to get some other people involved in reviewing and I sent this batch out to them. Since I know reviewing is not as easy as it might seem, I did at least keep ripped copies.

This album by Ensoph was the most intriguing of the lot. There are elements of Prog Rock, Metal, and hardcore Punk. It is a potent and powerful mix. Dark, Gothic atmospheres with desperate vocals and full of heavy guitar riffs. It is also designed to appeal to pretentious literary sods like me with the Russian Trilogy songs. I grew up ‘reading the Russians’ and love to hear that pessimistic view of human affairs applied in music.

Probably the most fun you could have while keeping your PVC gear on.


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