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December 22, 2006

Even Thieves

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Even ThievesI generally worry about getting to hear a band at the early demo stage (ever since I rated This Et Al as promising but too Radiohead influenced). Even Thieves are a London band currently gigging and building up a reputation in The Smoke. The thing that brought them to my attention was their MySpace address etched in the dirt on the back of a lorry I was following on a motorway. This was not an accident, they do it deliberately and it obviously works as a promotional tactic.

They have four songs on their MySpace. The first two, Cynthia Maybe and The Divide don’t really work for me even though I can understand that they are very popular live. In the venues they play the sound probably is not too good and these would suit the acoustics and exude real energy. Subtleties would possibly be a bit lost which brings me to the two tracks I really like. The sense of space and atmosphere in Down The Line is pretty special. There’s a more organic feel and lilting rhythms recall The Go-Betweens and I will even mention Cattle and Cain as in the same vein. Fact Of The Matter follows on with a chorus of ‘There’s got to be a better way’ that slightly grates with me (is it too obvious a melodic structure with those descending notes?) but the rest of the song exhibits, through music and lyrics, a despairing passion that is very affecting. I think Even Thieves will go on and make some good records.

Even Thieves

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