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December 24, 2006

Cool Noise Best of 2006

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For my older sister’s Christmas present this year I made up a CD of some of my favourite tracks of the year. The reason I say ‘some’ is that I have to take someone else’s taste into consideration and can’t indulge myself completely.

Here is the track list:

Phideaux-You And Me Against A World Of Pain
Scaramanga Six – Vesuvius
Modern American Science – Aim Steady Fire
Revolution74 – Send Home All The Rockstars
SUB-ROSA – I’m Right, You’re Dead
OMR – Clean And Tidy
Num – Feathers In My Bed
Lo Ego – Suffered A Loss
Revolution74 – Not That Kind
Seven Years On – Nails
The Distants – Falling Apart
The Ghosts – Hoodoo Voodoo
The Reverse – In A Cage, Under The Ground
The Studiofix – The Latter Years

There are loads of omissions e.g. Pitch Black Dream where I still can’t single out just one track from a wonderful album. I also have broken the rules because it is meant to be one track per band and yet I couldn’t resist putting two Revolution74 songs on – they have impressed me so much.

Lastly, you may see I haven’t mentioned Fell City Girl in this list. Did I really not like them that much? In fact, I included the two Fell City Girl promos (February Snow and Swim) in the parcel as part of the present.