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January 1, 2007

You Are The Disco by Revolution74

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You Are The DiscoI did a brief review a Revolution74 promo earlier this year that had one stand out track. The band emailed me a little while ago asking if I’d like to hear their new EP. Of course, every band thinks that their new record is good – but I could tell that the member of Revolution74 thought that this was a huge improvement on the promo. How right he was (even though the promo was good).

This EP ranks amongst the best I have heard in the last four years of reviewing. It appeals on every possible level – impassioned lyrics, the idealism of youth, loads of guitar and a sense of dynamics that makes every song a roller coaster ride. Best of all is the sheer enthusiasm demonstrated – Revolution74 obviously love making music and that passion when combined with the quality of their songwriting and delivery just inspires me as a listener.

Each track is a journey, a story told with changes in musical and melodic intensity. When the guitar riff kicks in Victoria, the blood flows through my veins noticeably faster. The Disco Boy combines guitar (a la Stooges Fun House album) with synth and vicious lyrics. Things seem to calm down with Send Home All The Rockstars which is played with a lush, emotion-ridden delivery that hints at the control this band have developed. Botox is a gloriously overblown track that is a lesson to Radiohead on how they should energise their music. Finally, I could kiss Revolution74 for having the nerve to finish off with a one minute eighteen second You Should Be Screaming. The song could have been longer but it somehow leads me to the same reaction – play the whole damn EP again.

Five songs all under three minutes long. Five finely-honed musical bullets. Five musicians that combine together to produce astonishing and affecting music.


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  1. Finally people are realising just how damn awesome these guys are. Come visit my little website which pays a small yet bizarre tribute to these fine fellows. You can also get live sessions on the site. Check ma bad self.

    Comment by Marc — January 9, 2007 @ 5:59 pm

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