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January 31, 2007

I Think I’m Made Out Of Robots by MyOwnFlag

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MyOwnFlagI’m afraid I have used the words ‘angular’ quite a few times in my reviews but since MyOwnFlag use it in their self-description I feel justified in resurrecting it. Along with ‘muscular’, it is my way of describing music that has trimmed all the fat and uses each instrument with percussive clarity – where the silences and rhythmic stops are all important. If you want to batter someone into oblivion then the way to do it is not with a wall of sound but a sharply defined attack.

I can hear the influence of Shellac in the heaviness of the powerful guitar motifs, and some good old hardcore on top as well. The music is tight, controlled, and loud. There is nothing quite like a good three piece band when it comes to a tight sound. The vocals are pointedly angry, harsh, and very accomplished in their harshness of tone. Listening to 15 Queens In A Pool with the shouted chorus “No education. You’re fucking foxy” makes me realise that I really don’t get out enough. It reminds me of times when a fun party was all of the girls picking the pieces of glass out of the back of boy who had launched himself through the front window and the early morning swim in the neighbours pool before the dogs were released. Of course, the song will about something completely different but we all make our own connections. Even when the wah wah guitar on Greed For My Sanity kicks in you know that you will soon be buffeted again by the concentration of sharpened noise. Compromise is not a word in MyOwnFlag’s vocabulary.

Sometimes you hear a band that makes you want to sway in time to the music. Sometimes you hear a band that makes you want to dance in a jerky fashion. Or one day you hear MyOwnFlag and they make you feel like throwing yourself around ignoring all impediments like walls or doors. It’s a bruising experience but it feels good.


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