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February 14, 2007

The Secret Sickliness by Piskie Sits

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The Secret Sickliness
I have the debut album of Piskie Sits: The Secret Sickliness and it is a wonderful record. They play very quirky songs mixed with backing yelps, added strings, slidy guitar, and whatever else they feel like throwing in at the time. The songs go from a slow pace to Velvets thrash – but they can suddenly change at anytime during any song. It takes a little time to get used to but they are terribly addictive. Behind all of this apparent eccentricity is a real passion and exploration of those emotions we try to avoid. But even with this depth, they have a lot of fun presenting it with gusto and oddity.

I can hear influences on their music. There is the shambolic strummed guitar quality of Sebadoh and some serious alt-country aspects. The influences are American but they play it with an English sensibility of great bands such as The Blue Orchids and Band Of Holy Joy. In the end, Piskie Sits are only themselves and apply a twisted, knowing edge to their work. If you listen to them you will hear some of the best guitar driven Indie you could ever hope to hear with melodies to intrigue and attract and an atmosphere all of its own.

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