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February 25, 2007

Rooftop Sex Plunge

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It was the late ’80s in Manchester. I was raining. Two blokes met in a pub in Manchester through mutual friends. If the leather jackets and penchant for black t-shirts didn’t give away similar interests then as soon as music came up a connection was made. At some point both revealed that they played a bit of music. Since one played guitar and sung (although never in public – and I mean not ever in front of anyone) and the other played bass, a jam session was born.

Over the previous year the singer had written a few songs and these were gradually introduced into the proceedings. The band (a drum machine joined as the third member) even got a name: Rooftop Sex Plunge (taken from a headline in one of the snippets in the Manchester Evening News about the number of people killed in Turkey falling to their death after sex on the roof).

We did two albums worth of material. After the unreleased first album we were about ready to play live but family commitments meant that never happened.

So any band who wants to get revenge on me can review my musical efforts. There are just two songs on our MySpace page but more will follow as we get a tape transcribed to MP3s. Be gentle…

Rooftop Sex Plunge

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