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March 4, 2007

A Clear Out

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I have spent the past week clearing out my old house. I came across three big boxes of records covering the 70s to the 90s. Now, the problem is that I really don’t have much space where I am living now (just one room) and I already have a lot of records there (and CDs and computers). I was planning to take the records anyway but suddenly this morning I decided to have a serious clear out and to only take the records I couldn’t live without.

Firstly, I chose to keep all of the 7″ singes + most of the 12″ – they were conveniently in one box anyway. Out of the two boxes (about 150 records) I only picked these out:

Lovers Of Today – The Only Ones
Crazy About Love – Wire
IV Songs – In Camera
Tristan et Iseult – Christian Vander
Peel Sessions – The Only Ones
I Suppose – Puressence
The Stooges – The Stooges
Fun House – The Stooges

I challenge anyone to find a connection between that lot.

I drove down the Tip struggling with my conscience. There were plenty of records that are just not available on CD and probably never will be. I had serious regrets about all of my Foetus records and also (surprisingly myself) my Sidi Bou Said.

I feel awful.