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April 24, 2007

Start A Fight by Death In Public

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Death In PublicThe starting point of this EP is a similar breathless pace as This Et Al. As soon as the title track Start A Fight starts it is like a Roller-coaster ride. The momentum begins to build gently and you climb up the rails before the plunge into excitement is accompanied by fast strummed guitars. All the blood-coursing excitement of the Fair without the nausea: cool or what?

Play It Again Sam adds the hint of Velvet Underground cool with a guitar overplay in the verse (such as that from Lady Godiva’s Operation). The transition into the chorus with the sudden distance of the vocal contradicting the increased guitar attack is a moment worthy of My Bloody Valentine. The final track of the EP, Vincent Vega, places more atmospheric guitar work with a touch of feedback into the mix. It does make me regret that Sonic Youth no longer make music with this sort of intensity.

This EP is just too good to review and that is why all the tracks are at the top of my ‘most listened to’ on LastFM. How am I meant to step back and assess sound and rhythm such as this? I love it.

Death In Public

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