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May 8, 2007

shutterspeed by The Reverse

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Once upon a time, Uncut magazine’s Americana CDs were very important to me. I had found the Scud Mountain Boys and Drunk through taking a risk on Stewart Lee’s reviews in the Sunday Times but it was Uncut that introduced me to the multiplicity of bands playing such inspiring music. The last one I remember was a few years ago when I first heard the wonderment of Explosions In The Sky, Bill Malonee, and Josh Ritter.

So this weekend I bought the latest Uncut with the CD The New Frontier featuring the ‘American – the next generation’. I sat down to listen to it with a feeling of anticipation (in between coats of paint and grout and balancing precariously on the edge of a bath) and guess what…it did nothing for me. A few reasonable tunes but nothing to take me aback.

I had been expecting some magic, some unique atmospherics that would reach into my soul and transport me to a near imaginary place of huge open space and the threat of thunderstorms. I was a bit disappointed to say the least.

I decided to listen to the new EP shutterspeed by The Reverse, that had arrived at this previous address I was re-decorating (some people haven’t updated their address for me). I recalled liking their previous release quite a bit. I realised from the first thirty seconds of music, I was being presented with exactly what I had been looking for: tales of everyday life that soar in their emotional impact. Oh, sure it’s all about sadness and confusion but it is so beautiful, so inspiring. Four tracks of such epic sweep that talk directly to the heart should be treasured.

I never did write my respective on the band Drunk. Although little known, they produced what was for me some of the most intense, affecting music I have ever heard. The Reverse have produced an EP that stands out as as good as the best of Drunk. The same gentle but insistent musical dynamic and the same endless questioning of the meaning of emotional confusion in the lyrics.

It’s like rediscovering love after you never thought you could feel again.

The Reverse

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