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June 21, 2007

A Little Advice On Life And How Not To Live It by Mr G And Rich

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a little advice on life and how not to live itThere’s a touch of The Buzzcocks about Mr G and Rich. It comes from the wonderful nasal vocals and the constant rhythmic energy but is in no way a revival of 1977. The lyrical concerns are a quirky look at life, and what lyrics they are. A neurotic wordsmith who makes even boredom and disappointment sound interesting and fresh. Add the busy guitars and you have got a potent mix of melodic and exciting music.

It seems very unfair that I should stop my serious reviewing with Mr G And Rich still on the playlist. They went to the trouble of sending me their CD and all I do is listen to it – again and again. If you check out my most listened to bands on my LastFM then you will see that they are on top. There’s good reason for that – they are really good.

Sorry, I’ve always wanted to just say a band are ‘really good’ rather than ‘they stretch the boundaries of sonic exploration beyond the existential boundaries of Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling’ or whatever other bollocks a reviewer ends up saying.

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