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August 30, 2007

The Dance Of Death by The Scaramanga Six

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In the world of The Scaramanga Six everybody strides rather than walks. There are no minor annoyances, only eruptions of earth-shaking consequence. Every cloud has a dark and explosive lining and the quiet moments are just the lull before the storm. After the near psychosis of the album Cabin Fever (or was that just me?) you might expect the Scaramanga’s to relax a bit. But no chance – more songs of grandiose neuroses and even a passionate ditty about a typeface.

They take a tale of domestic violence as in Sunken Eyes and bring out the sadness and discomfort but also a magnificently angry middle section and searing key change that has an exhausting physical impact on the listener. On The Towering Inferno they give themselves seven minutes to explore all the Pathos they can drag out of their souls. It is probably just about a bad night, but The Scaramaga Six are the Kings of Exaggeration and the hyperbole can make you smile as you revel in their power. Even in their quieter, more romantic moments during The Collector they are merely playing with the listener as a sordid tale of confusion between love and domination reveals itself.

The music is knowing and arrogant. There is a measured use of a full range of instrumentation such as strings, keyboards, Sax all in servitude to the greater glory of the crescendo. It is through this musical knowledge that they gain control and rein in the beautiful emotional tension evident in so many songs. Gird your loins before you have a session listening to them.

The Scaramanga Six

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