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December 9, 2007

History Of Guns

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(c) Lisa VincentI went down to the BackTo The Futurepunk event at the Purple Turtle in Camden a couple of weeks ago to see History Of Guns. It’s been four years since they first sent me their Flashes Of Light single and they began to draw me into their whirl of Nihilism. Even in this, my year of not reviewing, I have carried on my interest for the sheer pleasure/challenge of listening to them.

History Of Guns live was very much the thrashier side of the band. Every song was delivered with energy and vehemence. With Max Rael playing bass and Fester punishing his guitar, their electronic side was pushed back and their Punk roots were showing. They played the new opus Born, Brutalised, Bought, Then Buried and some of their guitar-based song such as the forelock-tugging Your Obedient Servants. It was a performance to be savoured, a band that walks up to inches from your face and shouts at you. They have a message and it is not a comforting one.

From the recorded music I already have admiration for Max’s musical intelligence (drums, electronic, and bass) that creates the atmosphere and also like the more recent addition of guitar. Seeing them live left me in wonder of singer Del Alien who commands the stage. He is someone who evokes original punk and contorts with loathing as he rails against society. But he hasn’t descended into the condescension of John Lydon or Mark E Smith – he still means it. I should also mention his voice that is like no other – the last words of a very sick David Bowie maybe?

A lot of the bands I ramble on about are easy to recommend to anyone because their qualities are obvious. But History Of Guns are more likely to evoke hate rather than love and admiration in anyone who gets to listen to them. They are probably going to get right up your nose. They are noisy, obstreperous, and scathing of everything that they believe encompases conformism and mediocracy.

If you want to listen to them – and I think you should – then there are 5 free downloadable EPS on lineout records so no excuse then.

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