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February 7, 2008

The Italian Connection

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I have a number of Italian CDs that I didn’t review due to my year off. Time to settle that account for my favourite two.
Monsters and Humans- Horrorific and All New! by Showstripsilence
Gloriously energetic pop-metal from Italy. Showstripsilence use horror-show imagery like The Cramps, storm along like the Supersuckers on uppers, and add a bit of Hardcore guttural shouting. it’s beautifully done and infectiously enthusiastic (ignoring the one ballad that just doesn’t work). Fast and loud enough to wake the dead.

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A Growing Fire by Showstripsilence (clip)

ilidThe Shadow Over Arkham by Ilid

Ilid play a kind of theatrical rock not a million miles from Evanescence – full of anthemic female vocals and dense instrumentation. This is a four-track EP and every track is decent. For some reason I keep on thinking back to Prog music of the 1970’s. It’s as if I am linking this to a band from that period, but all I can think of with a female singer is Curved Air and there is no direct similarity there. Ilid are good musicians, write good songs, but what really stands out is the quality of Natascia Pribac’s voice – it is rich and resonant.

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Envenomation by Ilid (clip)

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