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March 1, 2008

Drowning In A Well Of Sadness Part Fifteen: Uncle Tupelo

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I was listening to Uncle Tupelo’s Still Feel Gone and I realised that there were at least four or five fine examples of sad songs (probably sadder than the Tupelo one I used earlier in the series). I also remembered that three of these songs were ones I have tried to play versions of on my guitar.

The track True To Life is a “what the hell are we doing here” song from the point of view of a normal working person.

true to life is another hangover
true to life is more and more politics
true to life is always having to look over your shoulder
true to life is assembly-line sickness

On Cold Shoulder you get quiet observations of difference such as Your heaven looks just like my hell and pretend downing so I hold myself down, ’cause I like the way it feels. All of this is sung quietly and the singer sounds a bit down. But the real bitterness is saved until after the second chorus, the song breaks into a more forward vein and the words are spat out:

How could I have ever needed
such a cold heart to count on
and how could I have ever wanted
such a cold shoulder to cry on

I think he meant that bit.

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