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March 10, 2008

Nothing Is Lost by Things In Herds

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Nothing Is LostThis is the third album by Brighton’s Things In Herds that I have reviewed. Each album has been magnificent and I treasure them in the same way as some people treasure their Nick Drake records.

The instrumentation is sparse – a voice and a picked guitar with occasional additions of a female backing voice, drums, and/or harp. The spell is never broken. Each track is an exploration of the vagaries of human relationships that is obviously personal to Pete of Things In Herds but done with such tenderness and universality that I defy you not to relate directly to the lyrics, let alone the feelings expressed.

You Know is one of the finest quiet songs I have ever heard. I followed each preview version as it was put up on the MySpace player and it has reached close to perfection on the album with its delicacy and simplicity.

You Know by Things In Herds.

You Know (clip)

Even the only song that could be described as upbeat, due to its music, is nihilistic in its lyrical intent. Nihilistic in a way that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy and happier than before.

Nothing Means A Thingby Things In Herds.

Nothing Means A Thing (clip)

Like the earlier Everything Has To End Somewhere, it is an album best listened to at night and best listened to with someone you love. The overall effect is inspiring rather than depressing because you can take strength from the shared experience and find your quiet thoughts and emotions have been expressed and amplified in such an artful way.

If you believe the world can be both sad and beautiful then this is the record for you.

Things In Herds

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