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March 12, 2008

Christine Keeler understands

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Christine Keeler by Gl*xo BabiesI finally got my turntable set up in my room. It is attached through a Griffin iMic to the USB port of my computer and I have a copy of Audacity to allow me to record to disk and convert to mp3. Of course there are quite a number of manual steps involved in recording anything – record, split the recording up into tracks (approximate), trim the beginning and ending of each track to where the music begins/ends, save to mp3 and fill in the artist and track details.

It was getting quite late last night when I finally got this setup working so I only had a quick test of one single. The one I chose, probably because it was at the front of a pile of singles and I still remember it fondly, was Christine Keeler by the Glaxo Babies. Strictly speaking I should call them the Gl*xo Babies because they had already been forced by the Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo to remove the A from their name.

This was their second single in 1979 and was an edgy, neurotic Post-Punk classic by this Bristol band. Sadly the singer Rob Chapman left before the album Nine Months To The Disco was recorded and this may have been the reason that record was a bit disappointment. The subject of Christine Keeler and the Cold War paranoia was perfect for his over-wrought vocals and the addition of Sax adds tot he tension.

Christine Keeler by The Glaxo Babies.

Christine Keeler by The Glaxo Babies

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