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March 13, 2008

Warfrat Tales by Various Artists

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Warfrat TalesI always say that I am the world’s slowest reviewer in the world and as if to prove the point here are my thoughts on a 2005 release. I have recently been ripping my CDs to mp3 and something about this album made me put on a USB Flash drive for the car. I was surprised when the first track began playing because I didn’t recognise it. During the next few tracks I found myself really enjoying it. It was strangely familiar and yet unknown.

The album was originally released on vinyl in 1983 featuring a number of post-punk/alternative LA bands from the early 80’s. Avebury Records have collected a number of new tracks by those bands (and one by the only band I can remember – The Gun Club) and brought out an ‘Unabridged’ version. I think the idea of reviewing a Nostalgic release where I had no memory of any of the bands must have put me off, but I was wrong to ignore it. The songs are all recorded with minimal production values e.g. no excessive compression, played nearly live. All of the energy of those times is exposed – just as it was in the UK with the set of bands we had at the time such as The Blue Orchids and TV21.

The astonishing thing about the album is how consistent the overall effect is. It sometimes feels that this is one band with a change in singer and the occasional guest musician. There a gems everywhere you look and they change on every listen. On this latest listen through I am invigorated by the Point’s Pothead and The Question’s three tracks.

I have no idea how this album would sound to someone without a memory of the early 80s from an anti-mainstream point of view. But I do know that the sound of sprightly bass and urgent vocals will never lose its attraction for me.

Warfrat Tales

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