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March 15, 2008

The Animals

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I was first introduced to The Animals at a very young age. A few years later I managed to get hold of some of their original singles and three or so albums. The albums were disappointing and seemed to be full of hippie sentiments with only a few good tracks. On the other hand, the singles were magnificent and date from 1966 and before. I don’t know whether it was fame or drugs or what but they definitely lost their way from the Blues they originally played once 1967 arrived.

Inside-Looking Out by The AnimalsMy favourite song was always Inside-Looking Out and that’s the song I digitised from vinyl yesterday. It was a minor hit in 1966 but still sounds fresh and exciting (if a little tinny on instrumentation) like early Kinks or Them. Eric Burden’s voice is one of the best Blues voices ever and he really puts some effort into this track. I could describe it further but I spotted that someone has done exactly this last week: read The Blue In The Air for a great blow by blow account of the song.

Some of you may remember that this song was always associated with Grand Funk Railroad who made it into a near 10 minute epic. That was criminal if you ask me but everyone to their own. You can assess the Grand Funk version by watching this video. Contrast that to a clip of the same song from The Animals. When you have stopped laughing at the awful suits the boys from Newcastle were wearing then compare the vocals and you will only hear one person that can really sing.

Inside-Looking Out by The Animals

Inside-Looking Out by The Animals

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