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March 23, 2008

Dub Sex

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It is very difficult to get any information about Dub Sex on the Internet. I think I first saw them in London at the Fulham Greyhound. It was a typical Alternative venue with painted black walls and a four foot stage defining a mosh pit. Staring up at Mark Hoyle (guitar/vocals) I could see the sweat dripping off him. His voice was an impassioned shout to pay attention to the world. Anger, despair and endless questioning were big with me at the time (and probably still are). I may have missed out on seeing Joy Division (no buses or trains back from Birmingham that night of what turned out to the final gig) but I had seen the only band that approached them in terms of sheer intensity and original punk ethic.

By the time I moved to Manchester, Dub Sex had become Dumb – adding a second drummer to increase the rhythmic attack. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks – did Cathy, the bassist, cycle to India before Dumb were formed? Hard to say, other than this was the band that defined everything that I wanted from the city. Finally I had found the place I still regard as home, and here was a band that explored any demons that I still held. Having never successfully rid myself of (originally adolescent) angst, I found it expressed perfectly.

But I guess I did grow up a bit. I finally found some friends I could feel comfortable with. I could belong somewhere at last. The effect of Dub Sex and Dumb would never leave me. Even now I can listen to Kicking The Corpse Around and feel my foot reaching for the accelerator to take the car up to maximum speed when the words cut in of “I tasted decay in the seconds it takes to make a mess on the motorway.”

Are they the forgotten Manchester band? Not for me.

Kicking The Corpse Around by Dub Sex

Kicking The Corpse Around by Dub Sex

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