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March 24, 2008

My Lifelong Psychological Experiment by The Reverse

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This is the third EP on Line Out Records from London’s The Reverse. Each one has been beautifully packaged and, with limited runs of 500 copies, are prime candidates for future collectors’ items. The same sort of care with the sleeves has been taken with the music – it is lush in sound but contains a very sharp blade that cuts straight to the emotional heart.

Each EP has developed the character of The Reverse. It’s right that this should be a series of EPs rather than an album because such concentration could not be held over 40 minutes. I dislike making comparisons but I would have to make a connection to House Of Love They evoke same sort of surge I still feel when hearing Shine On or Christine – but the difference is that, for me, House Of Love only wrote a few great songs while The Reverse have already created more highlights in their short career.

My Lifelong Psychological Experiment firmly establishes The Reverse in the English tradition of the personal and melodic. Undoubtedly it is Pop but with the sort of intelligence and knowingness that The Kinks once applied to their music. Other Boys and Emily are simple songs but performed with such artistry and a sense of dynamics (bounce provided by drummer and bassist) that they are a joy to listen to.

In the end what makes it more than just a singer/songwriter exposing his soul is the battle he has with the guitarist to be heard (I knew there was a reason I mentioned House Of Love). If you love guitar then you will love this band. The song that makes this EP for me is To The Bridge and it is like Robbie Krieger has visited just to add some classic Doors guitar to the recipe. It’s a potent combination to have both music and lyrics like this working together.

The Reverse

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