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May 7, 2008

Consolers Of The Lonely by The Raconteurs

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Consolers Of The LonelyI got Consolers Of The Lonely by The Raconteurs on the strength of the reviews and the fact I like Jack White. It has led me to question whether I should trust reviews again. In fact the only ‘good’ review was in The Times and that said “the presiding maxim … is, when in doubt, turn it up and shout”. Now, that tells me the opposite – there will be some good tracks here. In truth there are only four tracks I like and those are pure Jack White/White Stripes sound alikes. Some of the other songs have me hitting the skip control because they sound like out-takes from a Dennis Waterman album. I’m probably being cruel but some of the lyrics and rhymes are just embarrassing.

The saving grace is the song Carolina Drama. It is a tale worthy of Nick Cave, mixing poverty, violence, and the American way of Life and Death. The mother’s boyfriend is no good and one day is seen beating up the Preacher (“that must be my daddy”) and Billy grabs the nearest thing, a milk bottle and uses it so “the boyfriend fell down dead for good”. The family is reunited and Billy proposes heading off to Tennessee. Then, the moment that will have audiences jumping and singing along, the 10 year old walks in holding the milkman’s hat and a bottle singing “La la la la, la la la la, yeah”. Bloody genius.

Carolina Drama

Carolina Drama(clip) byThe Raconteurs

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