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June 10, 2008

New Dawn

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I was listening to last Friday’s Friday Session and heard a band from Hereford doing a version of Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades. My bassist tells me that we used to do a better version of that song but it wasn’t the pretty good Ian Curtis impression I was interested in – it was the mixing in of another song. In the chorus the female singer mixes in “You abandoned me, love don’t live here anymore”. That was a hit for Rose Royce in 1978 so it is synchronous with New Dawn Fades and I think it fits in really well musically. At the very least it has shock value for someone like me who would assert that until now there was no point in listening to anyone’s version of this song other than the original.

New Dawn

New Dawn (clip) by Line Runners

For the next few days you will be able to hear The Line Runners from Hereford playing New Dawn on the BBC radio player. Click the link and the track is 26 minutes in (hit the jump 15 mins button and then the jump 5 minutes twice) .

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester’s Friday Session.

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  1. Hmmm… I sort of agree with you. The use of ‘Love don’t live here any more’ would work (and is synchronous) if the actual attempt at New Dawn Fades wasn’t so awful (and any attempt that doesn’t start with the trademark descending bass is DOOMED…). It’s pretty bloody simple… I also don’t agree that it’s not worth having a pop at otherwise – I think Moby’s version on the ‘Means to an End’ compilation is pretty damn good.

    Comment by Big Dave — June 14, 2008 @ 5:22 pm

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