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June 12, 2008

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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Dig, Lazarus, DigIt would be very easy to dismiss this album as “just another Nick Cave album”. He has returned from the astonishing Grinderman to his normal method of music making. Most of the songs fit the pattern of a relaxed bass/drum groove while Nick intones his tales of America over the top using Blues vocal phrasing.

The thing is a half-decent Nick Cave album is probably as good as anything that will be released this year. If this was an album by a new singer/band then it would be lauded as brilliant but expectations are always high for Old Nick. So the critic in me wants to tell you that there are very few tracks that would make it onto a best of Nick Cave retrospective while the music fan in me just enjoys listening to more new Nick Cave songs. I really like the relaxed sensuality of Hold On To Yourself with it’s twangy guitar and Nick’s voice seems to be touched with sadness like he’d been crying earlier. Today’s Lesson is like the old stager’s reply to Iggy’s Real Good Time – not from the first person point of view but a lecherous observer.

Midnight Man by Nick Cave

Midnight Man(clip) by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

There’s nothing to change the world here (that has already been done) but there’s a haunting voice, brilliant musicians, and tales of debauchery to keep you warm at night.

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