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June 13, 2008

A Night With Paul Hawkins

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It’s been a very musical night. I signed up to Napster (the subscription service) and listened again to some Sonic Youth, Birthday Party, and Lydia Lunch. But I soon got bored with listening to lost classics of my favourite bands of yesteryear. I then set out to find Win A Night Out With A Well Known Paranoiac by Barry Andrews (once of XTC). This was a brilliant song I heard on the John Peel show but never managed to get hold of. Obviously Napster didn’t have it but I did find a second-hand record shop on the web that had a copy so hopefully they will reply to my email about it. I feel I can’t live much longer without the tale of the man who is persecuted but suddenly realises it is all a dream…but then

I’m really in a hospital bed. There is a smell of formaldehyde in the air, and a couple of doctors with swastikas on their arm are doing something to the brain of a sheep and in the corner is a huge zinc bath containing some sort of reptile and the nurse is saying “be a brave boy and drink it all up”. And I realise I can’t feel me legs and the shape in the bed isn’t my shape at all and I wanna cry out but I can only bleat

Barry Andrews

Win A Night Out With A Well-Known Paranoic by Barry Andrews

That lead me to further investigate Paul Hawkins – a man whose strange stories can evoke that same sort of paranoia. What I found was a bunch of YouTube videos that entertained me for the night. I saw a story of infidelity and dogs (A Bigger Bone), a desperate cry for love (Evil Thoughts), and why am I alone since I am so nice (I Believe In Karma).

The highlight for me was a live performance of one of the tracks from the single released this week: Gentleman on Crutches. There is nobody, I repeat, nobody who suits a hospital gown so much as this man. I can’t think of anything else to say that will more compliment him.


  1. Thanks for posting this song. I have been looking for this song for years. I once managed to record it by standing my old tape player next to the radio – obviously it sadly isn’t really in any sort of state to listen to nowadays so this has just made my day.
    John Peel was responsible for bringing so many of these wonderful noises to our ears…sadly missed.

    Comment by Tony — August 17, 2008 @ 12:15 am

  2. Hi Tony. It was much the same with me – I had a tape from a Peel show with the song on but could never find a real copy. I finally got hold of the vinyl a couple of months ago – after many years of keeping it in mind when I was at record fairs/second hand shops. It still sounds good to me (and you as well, so that’s great). I agree about missing John Peel, not in an Ian Curtis type of way but like your favourite Uncle.

    Comment by Cool Noise — August 18, 2008 @ 9:25 pm

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