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June 20, 2008

Little Fish In Custard

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Little Fish have signed to Custard Records/Universal (the label that has James Blunt on their books). It has been almost exactly a year since a thirty second blast of Devil’s Eyes was played on the Radio Oxford Demo review – their first exposure to the wider world. I have become familiar with a number of brilliant bands/artists over the past 5 or so years but, out of all of the unsigned bands, Little Fish were the most likely to make that leap. The voice, the music, the songs, the live perforamnce? Yes, but others had that too. I like to think it is not because they broke the rules of what a band should be – but they didn’t even accept that there were any rules. No bassist, no distance between the singer and audience, no guitar solos, no restrictions on mixing in any genre/decade/style of music – so what, that’s Little Fish.

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