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July 1, 2008

Midnight Boom by The Kills

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Midnight Boom by The KillsIt’s been a few years since The Kills were mentioned on Cool Noise (2003 if I remember correctly). They haven’t been exceptionally busy since then but they do have a new album out now called Midnight Boom. I read an interview with Jamie Hince where he claimed that this latest work was a departure from their previous in that it s designed to be danced to. Of course he is just teasing and although more rhythmically-based and using more keyboards rather than guitars, the familiar elements of crude rock noise and the studied ‘cool’ female vocals are still there.

The Kills do have an alarming tendency to descend into playground chants occasionally but this is kept to just parts of a couple of tracks like Sour Cherry. I do detect a more pop/melodic approach than before. Songs like Black Balloon and What New York Used To Be are simple pop tunes with a bit of a twist but pop songs nevertheless. I have to admit I do like them a lot in this more commercially acceptable approach where they strip everything down to simple catchy melodies and add the interesting noises to keep me feeling that this is a band that are not taking the obvious approach..

What New York Used To Be by The Kills

What New York Used To Be (clip) by The Kills

The Kills are never going to make a completely satisfying album – they play around too much. But what they do on this album is mix things up a bit – things like sex, art, pop and noise. Whether it is rabble rousing, ear hurting, or a sweet voice that you want, the Kills can do it all.

Last Day Of Magic by The Kills

Last Day Of Magic (clip) by The Kills

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