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July 3, 2008

Live In Santa Monica ’72 by David Bowie

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Live In Santa Monica '72This is a recording of David Bowie in full ‘Ziggy Stardust’ phase. It has been available as a bootleg and a semi-offical album in the past. This is a repackaging of the 2003 remix available in double vinyl etc etc.

The only reason why I bothered with this album was that I had read it was one of Bowie’s best performances. My initial thoughts on hearing how clear the recording sounded was “What’s the point when I have all the albums?” But by the second track Ziggy Stardust I can see that this is a very special event. For a start I never realised just how good the musicianship was on that tour and Bowie’s performance is immaculate (apart from a very embarassing attempt to voice the take off of a rocket in Space Oddity).

In particular it is the guitar playing of Mick Ronson that astounds me. I knew he was good and have owned Slaughter on 10th Avenue in the past, but this is real guitar hero stuff – the noise he makes with every hit of the guitar is as close to perfect as you could ever want. The track I didn’t remember being played around this time was The Width Of A Circle and this extended 10 minute version is a chance for the guitarist to show off as well as a welcome reprise for one of Bowie’s most fascinating songs from Man Who Sold The World.

I doubt you could get a better David Bowie “Best Of up to Ziggy Stardust” selection than this – other than the inclusion of Starman. If I only had the chance to play one David Bowie album to someone then I think I would choose this one.

Width Of A Circle by David Bowie

The Width Of A Circle (clip) by David Bowie

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