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September 17, 2008

Concrete by The October Game

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The October Game released a magnificent album in 2006 called “Box Of A Billion Lights”. Their follow up is the single Concrete (When We Were Invincible). It is a song played simply, far fewer musical fireworks than the album, but that is where its attraction lies. It is their remembrance of a lost, youthful optimism and slight confusion as to where it went is set over a backing of twangy guitar arpeggios that gradually increases in intensity but never quite break out of their restraints.

This simplicity of music and lyrics and just bloody good songwriting is rare and rather beautiful. I see some similarity with Oxford’s The Winchell Riots (and I notice from the MySpace comments that the two bands have recently played together) in musical approach and even in vocal phrasing. It’s a bit of a secret from the rest of the country that we have such talent down here in the South but I feel very privileged to be aware of.

The October Game’s Concrete is a track that can warm you as the chill of Autumn approaches and its a free download! Click on the button below for a view of the track, and don’t forget to check the p4rgaming site, the perfect combination to relax yourself.

Concrete by The October Game

Concrete by The October Game (full track)

Download Concrete (When We Were Invincible)

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