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October 13, 2008

Acedia by History Of Guns

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Is not acedia the original perception of alienation and revolt against complacency and the burdens of culture? Is it the angst of Kierkegaard, the “nausea” of Sartre, the alienation and revolt of existentialists from Camus to Marcel? Acedia is never without a sense of guilt or complicity, not as sin but as complicity in the horrors of contemporary life. To the modern mind, acedia remains real and relevant. It is a personal statement against the contrivances of culture, the hypocrisy of public morality, alienation from the natural patterns of nature and simplicity.


AcediaStrangely enough the quote above just about sums up what History Of Guns seem to be saying on this their latest album. Rather than ponder the condition of Acedia from a religious hermit’s point of view, they stamp and rail against the world, spitting venom on everything around them. It is a hopeless and loathsome album in the sense that it is full of loathing and offers no hope of a solution. It is this purity of thought, coupled with complete control over exactly how much noise to make that makes this a great, if uncompromising album. There is the tension between the electronics and those angry strangulated vocals topped off with some vicious guitar playing.

Empty Eyes by History Of Guns

Empty Eyes by History Of Guns

This concentrated bleakness of vision makes it History Of Guns’ best and most disciplined album so far. The enjoyment I get from it is similar to that of albums like Unknown Pleasures – it isn’t pleasant but it takes me into a world I recognise and need to explore. There are a few moments of quietness but even the piano breaks in …I’ll Be Waiting are threatening like the Halloween theme tune.

…I’ll Be Waiting by History Of Guns

…but I’ll Be Waiting by History Of Guns (clip)

If you have ever felt that life is about being born, brutalised, bought then buried, then you need to feed the paranoia with this album.

Empty Eyes and …but I’ll Be Waiting are available for a limited time as a free download at Lineout records where you can also order the album.

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