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October 20, 2008

Ten Kens

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Ten KensThis is the debut album for Toronto’s Ten Kens on Fat Cat records. They produce a BIG sound, particularly for a three piece, and work in an area where the music is more important than any singing, as with Arcade Fire. They are not afraid to mix radically different styles whether it be the clear melodies of Prodigal Son, the Duanne Eddy guitar on Alternate Biker, or the twisted Tex-Mex shout and singalong of Spanish Fly.

Spanish Fly by Ten Kens

Spanish Fly by Ten Kens (clip)

There are many incredible sections of sound on this album but, for me, not one track that is wholly satisfying. This perhaps reflects my own love of the narrative ‘song’ as much as the Ten Kens penchant for mixing everything up. I’ve got this funny suspicion that Ten Kens are going to make a great album and that this debut is going to be loved in retrospect, like Bleach was after Nevermind with Nirvana.

The Whore Of Revelation by Ten Kens

The Whore Of Revelation by Ten Kens (clip)

Ten Kens

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