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November 5, 2008

The Screamin’ Holler Inn

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Paul Evans is a 53 year old musician living in New Jersey USA. I first heard him on the Americana OK podcast and immediately bought His latest album “Agua Noir”. It is real Country music that concentrates on the song as the peak of the artform. Paul Evans has a voice that resonates with more than just age and experience, it seems to have more textures than other voices like a 12-string guitar compared to a 6-string.

One track in particular, The Screamin’ Holler Inn, is just wonderful. It speaks of an Inn where “there’s no denying that you’ve reached the end of the line when they call you a regular here”. and “the fistholes in the wall cry ‘what if’ and ‘what for'”. These lyrics are evocative and rooted in observation. This is combined with some beautiful twangy guitar and, of course, that wonderful voice.

There is also a photo of the place that paul Evans based the song on – I wonder if he has been back to play since?
A picture of the inspiration for The Screamin' Hollar Inn

The Screamin’ Holler Inn by Paul Evans

The Screamin’ Holler Inn by Paul Evans

Agua Noir on CDBaby

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