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January 21, 2009

The Child Of A Creek

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Unicorns Still Make Me Feel Fine by The Child Of A CreekThe Child Of A Creek is a name chosen by Italian singer/songwriter Lorenzo Bracaloni. he writes the songs, plays the instruments, and records everything himself. His latest album is “Unicorns Still Make Me Feel Fine”. What you are presented with is a kind of Psychedelic Folk based on picked guitar and additions such as flute or harmonica. The delicious strangeness of the songs come in part from them being written and sung in a foreign language. However good his English is, there is an unusual quality to both phrasing and pronunciation.

I get the feeling of the late 60s from both the music and some of the lyrical concerns (e.g. unicorns!) but the general sadness is very alt-country and has similarities to an unplugged Sparklehorse. So it’s a bit strange, a bit out of time, but strangely magical.

Home Of Unicorns by The Child Of A Creek

Home Of Unicorns by The Child Of A Creek (Clip)

The Child Of A Creek

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