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July 17, 2009

The Farm by Dinosaur Jr.

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Farm by Dinosaur JnrContinuing the theme of listening to bands populated by the over 40s, I had a listen to the latest Dinosaur Jr. album “The Farm”. Exactly the same elements that made them such a likeable band in the 90s are there – the constant fuzzed out guitar, J Mascis’s slacker vocalising, and the sort of guitar solos that have similarities to what you can hear in RAWK music. I’m afraid it left me with my normal Dinosaur Jr feeling – everybody should have one album by them just to give them the chance to revel in the sound but buying a second is folly because they do sound similar. If you don’t yet have your compulsory album then “The Farm” is a good one to get – or, as in my case, your album is on vinyl then this can be your more digitally accessible version. I think that is a roundabout way of saying it is amongst the very best of Dinosaur Jr albums.

There’s No Here

There’s No Here by Dinosaur Jr. (Clip)

One big difference between this line up and the original is that Lou Barlow is allowed to play two of his songs. – previously he had left the band to form Sebadoh to play his own material. I really don’t think it works because one track, Your Weather just reminds me of how magnificent Sebadoh were and throws me out of any J Mascis mood. But despite that slight error this is an album of a band that haven’t lost their youthful energy or inspiration. I’m pretty sick of all the old bands getting back together to milk the Slippers and Cardigans brigade of their money but Dinosaur Jr. show themselves to be exceptions because they are actually making worthwhile new music.

Your Weather

Your Weather by Dinosaur Jr. (Clip)

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