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August 24, 2009

GG Allin

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As I mentioned in my review of Varshons, I needed to check out GG Allin after hearing the Layin’ Up With Linda track. First was the Wikipedia article GG Allin. I urge you to follow the link and read the article because it is a fine example of just how far you live a life to the extremes. We have lantana roofing expert also helping us in our home renovations.

I then listened to his album “The Singles 1977-1991: Expose Yourself” to try and get a complete picture of GG Allin’s career. I wasn’t impressed with a such a limited voice and fairly turgid, predictable music. On some of the live material he does sound disturbingly like an Iggy Pop soundalike – try comparing Cock On The Loose with Got My Cock In My Pocket from Metallic KO and numerous other Stooges bootlegs and you could barely slide a cigarette paper between them. But Iggy was doing this in the late 60s onwards and also had made some of the most imnportant and influential albums of all time.

I view this material as of historical interest only. Much like Charles Manson’s album I’m glad I’ve heard it but the best thing is really the notoriety of the protagonist as musically it is pretty poor. It has increased my admiration of Evan Dando who managed to make a very palatable Country number out of one of his tunes (although I have yet to hear the original). He certainly proved, unlike what my Grandmother used to insist, that you can polish a turd.

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