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September 30, 2018

Skating Polly, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, 16 September 2018

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I got to see Skating Polly last week which was a real treat. I was aware of them before but the moment I heard Camelot earlier this year I became a fan. The energy and power in that song is breathtaking. I have gone on to love the latest album, The Make It All Show. Live they were magnificent, edgier and harder than their recordings and so comfortable playing as a band. I guess being together for 9 years, with five albums released I should expect that. What surprises me is that they are getting better and taking their music to new levels as normally I leave bands as they begin to repeat themselves or change and move away from what I liked about them.

I liked the venue, The Hare & Hounds a lot. It is small but there was air conditioning which is a luxury compared to what I am used to. My only disappointment was the audience was a bit subdued. There wasn’t the critical number of people to shout and clap for an encore. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night but I worry that maybe Birmingham audiences are a bit quiet?

SO, a great night. I introduced my eldest son to the small venue Alternative gig. He went off to Uni in London the following weekend with optimism, confidence, and a signed copy of a Skating Polly album on vinyl. I can do no more as a Dad.

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