Alternative music reviews

Best Of Cool Noise

No, this is not the best of the records I’ve reviewed but the things I’ve written that I don’t want to get buried deep within the site.

Drowning In A Well Of Sadness

A series of twelve blog posts where I found the most sad and depressing music I could. The thing is I really like such music and find myself drawn into the moods and yet come out the other side feeling better than when I started.

Memory Of A Free Festival
Remembering Windsor Free Festival of 1974.

Grant McLennan
My thoughts on hearing of The Go-Betweens’ Grant McLennan’s death.

John Peel

A few thoughts and memories.

Bang Magazine

What I do when I take a night off from reviewing. Buy a magazine with a cover CD…and review it. It gave me a chance to talk about some more famous bands than I normally deal with.


A few thoughts on the best guitarists.

Letter To The Ludlow Advertiser

From angry of Cool Noise?

You’re So 70s, You’re So 80s

A few thoughts about embracing your musical influences – with a magnificent picture of Phideaux from many years ago.

Band Names In The Internet Age

Article looking at how the Internet and search engines perceive band names. Offers some examples of good and bad names.

Going To Gigs

My checklist of the routine. Bit of a sting in the tail.